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Limited Offer 

3 Day Family Camp 2022

April 22 -24, 2022

Only limited for the first 40 people

Register and pay $ 121.99 dollars per person to reserve your spot registration will close on March 28, 2022 Midnight.

Life Choice 2022 Family Camp Activities

During this Family Camp we are not just praying and studying bible all the time. As at Crosslands has a range of exciting and engaging activities. There are some activities that are included and NOT  included in your accommodation or camping rates of $ 121.99. Some of our activities are rateable and require qualified instructors. Groups interested in the flying fox and ropes challenge courses please enquire about terms and conditions. Activities requiring instructors should be booked well in advance of your planned camp and this will be charged an extra cost. Other complimentary activities may be used as available as per terms at no extra cost. 

Day Visitors: Must be approved by Life Choice Team 

Bush walking and hiking

  • Four designated tracks on our property, ranging from 20 mins to 1.5hours return

  • We can help you access the Benowie Walking Track, part of the Great North Walk

  • Make your own discoveries in the surrounding bushland (always notify Life Choice Team if you intend to deviate from designated tracks)

Swimming (must be supervised)

  • 21m solar-heated swimming pool - open from September until end of April

  • Berowra Creek

  • Still Creek

Water activities (must be supervised)

  • In the pool or the river, conditions permitting

Canoes and kayaks (must be supervised)

  • 32 three-seat 'Bushranger' canoes

  • 12 Barra kayaks

  • 12 single-seat Blackhawk sit-on kayaks

  • 2 double-seat Blackhawk sit-on kayaks

  • 6 Child sit-on kayaks (Max 65kg)

  • Personal floatation devices (PFDs) and paddles

Sports oval

  • Suitable for soccer or football

  • Bring your own balls and equipment


  • Basketball court with practice hoops and flood lights

  • Bring your own balls


  • Tennis court with flood light

  • Bring your own racquets and balls

River cruise

  • 40-seat river barge

  • Cruise to Berowra Waters and back, tides permitting

  • Bookings at the office essential


  • Beach volley ball with sand court

  • Bring your volley ball


  • Abseiling sites for beginners to experienced

  • Approved and certified instructors required

High ropes

  • Conquer your fears! Jump from the 'Leap of Faith' or walk the 'Multi-Vine'

  • Low ropes

  • Team building and group challenges

  • Approved and certified instructors required

Rock climbing

  • Approved and certified instructors required

Flying fox

  • Challenging and exciting - an experience you will never forget!

  • 20+m high!

  • Approved and certified instructors required

Bouldering wall

  • Climb the wall from one end to the other

Wildlife and nature observations

  • Spend time in the bush and reconnect with nature

  • Spot lyrebirds, wallabies, goannas, owls, diamond pythons and more

  • Find wildflowers and other beautiful flora

Bird feeding

  • Hand feed wild birds

  • King Parrots, galahs, crimson rosellas and others


  • Bream, flathead, flounder, blackfish, and others

  • Bring your fishing license and own fishing tackle

Family Camp 2022 Terms and Conditions



Two nights minimum (bring your own linen and pillows) 

All individuals pay for two nights at $121.99 including accomodation, food and all free camp activities as advertised.




Catered: Full Meals Provided by Life Choice Church

Arrival Date: Friday, 22 April 2022 (Check-In Time: 4:00 PM)

Departure Date: Sunday, 24 April 2022 (Check out Time: 2:00 PM)



Transportation service or arrangement will not be provided for any camp participants/group. You must arrange for your own mode of transportation. 



Bookings/Reservations are non-refundable. Requests for refund and cancellation due to a change of mind or any other circumstance except for a loss of an immediate family member or in case of a severe/near-death health condition which proves the participant to be unable to attend and participate in any camp activities or is not fit for travelling



Participants must adhere to all government restrictions, rules and regulations relating to any public health threat such as COVID19.

Participants must bring and wear masks during the camp should the activities require them to stay indoors. Social distancing will be implemented. Participants are encouraged to bring their own sanitisers/alcohol/masks/meds/first aid kit.



All camp participants must report to the events coordinator upon arrival for room assignments and handover of keys.

Campers will be responsible for keys to their rooms and will be liable for it for the duration of the camp. Life Choice Church is not susceptible to any loss or damage to the camper’s personal belongings during the camp. Do not bring any valuables unimportant to the event, and do not leave the rooms unlocked when unattended.



  • No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or gum are allowed on the property. (strictly enforced)

  • Strictly No glitter or confetti.

  • No fireworks or any sparklers.

  • No signs or posters to be stuck to painted surfaces.

  • Noise: Amplification must be turned off at 10 PM; all noise must cease by midnight.

  • No siren and vocal public address broadcast until after 7 AM.

  • Saturday and 8 AM Sundays (Council Curfew Bylaw)

  • All vehicles must be parked in official car park areas.

  • A $30. infringement fine will be incurred should access to open service roads for emergencies be blocked.

  • No Pets allowed.

  • No firearms or explosives.

  • Report breakages and damaged property to the centre Management; costs will be invoiced accordingly.

  • Report accidents are causing injury.

  • Each group must bring a First Aid Kit appropriate for the group activities.

  • Life Choice Church will not be liable for any injury incurred. Should you wish to participate in outdoor activities available during YOUR OWN LEISURE TIME. 

  • As stated in the events/program sheet schedule, all programs will start on time. If a participant comes in late, Life Choice Church reserve the right to deny entry or participation from such participant.

  • Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour on the property and amenities provided. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform children of the guidelines.

  • Life Choice Church and Crosslands reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a person or persons or decline to accept or retain such a booking. Managers or their representatives,/her acts, conduct or behaviour is offensive, detrimental or not compatible with the interests, harmony, comfort or welfare of the other patrons.

  • Any person who engages in any recreational activity on or near the campground does so at their own risk.

  • Any person who engages in bushwalking activities, including the Great North Walk, does so at their own risk.

  • Loud music is not permitted in rooms so as not to disturb neighbours.

  • Each person must bring their own medication should they need one and in case of an allergy attack.

  • Campsite must be kept clean & tidy. Bathrooms & Kitchen must be kept in hygienic condition.

  • There are no items to be removed from venues, including plates, glasses, and cutlery.

  • Any person caught stealing will be charged accordingly.

  • Underage drinking and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Any guest visitor of a guest who will-fully or through their negligence damages the Park facilities or its property will pay for the damage. Guests are responsible for damages caused by their guests and children. 

  • Always adhere to the advice and instructions given by our staff (Life Choice Church and Crosslands) or those retained by us to supply any services or activities which form part of the camp.

  • A participant who falls ill or suffers an injury is required to either leave the camp entirely or for a period or not take part in a particular activity on the camp. In such circumstances, the relevant parent or guardian or another responsible adult will be required to always accompany the appropriate participant, even if the participant must return home. 

  • We may also reproduce any comments that we receive from you or the Participants similarly. We constantly endeavour to use any such photographs, films or words responsibly. Still, if you do not agree to such use, we must be informed in writing at the time of booking and, given the nature of our camps, we may not be able to accept your booking.


Canoes & Kayaks:

Paddles and PFD’s must be cleaned and locked away daily and never left on the ramp.


Supervision of campers:

  • Adequate supervision of children and young people must be provided to maintain safe behaviour at all times.

  • Swimming pool and canoeing activity must have sufficient adult supervision provided.

  • No swimming at night without lights.

  • When using the pool inflatable, ensure a responsible person is allocated for supervision on either side of the pool.

  • Adequate & Hygienic recognised lycra and nylon swimwear must be worn at all times in the water.

  • Infants must wear only recognised waterproof Aqua Nappies plus tight leg swimwear.


Departure & Clean up:

The group may continue to use all common areas: Kitchen, dining/function hall, meeting rooms and common toilet areas until the final clean up before group departure at 2 PM. The coordinator is required to appoint a liaison person for cleaning duties. During occupancy, the facilities are expected to be kept clean and tidy.


Each group is to leave the property how it was found. This includes presentations of facilities, kitchens, accommodation areas and grounds. All furniture must be returned to its original position before departure. Once premises are inspected by a Crossland employee and keys returned before departure, the Bond will be reimbursed. In the instance of non-compliance, cleaning rates will apply (see information & rates document)

Lost Property:

  • Crosslands will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to the hirers.

  • If an item of value is found and an owner is located, we will post at the owner expense. Alternatively, the owner can organise the collection.

  • Found Items will be held for one week.


Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in a warning. Any further violation will result in a second warning and your stay being terminated. A severe proven breach of the general conditions of entry may immediately terminate your visit without notice. Crosslands and Life Choice Church each hold reciprocal termination rights for a material breach of any of these Terms and Conditions. 

  • Two Nights accommodation

  • Food are included

  • All activities are included except those activity that are require train instructor you need to book this in advance.

  • Please if you need transport to get there, please mention it in a comment so that we can organise transport for you.

  • If you are paying online, we charged your card $ 121.99. (Cash payment only $ 120.00)

    @Any more questions and comments please email or give us a call, all our contacts are below.