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Welcome to Life Choice Connect Groups at Life Choice Church 

At Life Choice Church, we understand the power of genuine connections and their impact on our faith and personal growth. Our Connect Groups are at the heart of who we are. They provide a natural extension for our community to come together, build lasting relationships, and find support on their life journey.

What is Connect Group?

Connect Groups are more than just gatherings; they are vibrant communities where people find friendship, support, and encouragement. In these groups, individuals like you can dive deeper into their faith, learn more about the teachings of Jesus, and grow in their spiritual walk.



Take the next step in your faith journey by joining a Connect Group at Life Choice Church. Experience the power of authentic relationships, spiritual growth, and unwavering support on your life journey.


Benefits of Joining a Connect Group:

1. Authentic Relationships: In our Connect Groups, you'll have the chance to connect and build meaningful relationships with fellow believers who share similar interests, passions, and life stages. It's where you can be yourself, be heard, and find support in a judgment-free environment.


2. Community and Fellowship: As we forge connections, we experience the beauty of community. In our Connect Groups, you can share life's joys and challenges, celebrate victories together, and find comfort during difficult times.


3. Spiritual Growth: Our Connect Groups are designed to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus. You'll gain fresh insights, discover more about yourself, and strengthen your faith through engaging discussions, Bible studies, and thought-provoking conversations.


4. Support and Encouragement: No one should walk alone on their life journey. In our Connect Groups, you'll find a supportive network of individuals who cheer you on, pray for you, and encourage you to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.


5. Opportunities to Serve: Connect Groups provide a platform for us to live out our faith beyond the church walls. We can make a difference by serving our community, partnering with local organisations, and spreading kindness and compassion wherever we go.

Don't miss out on the incredible benefits that Connect Groups offers. Whether you're new to the church or have been attending for years, there's a place for you to belong and grow. Visit our website to explore the various Connect Groups available and find one that resonates with your interests and availability.

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